Let Me Help You Grow Your E-Bike Business!

I am super passionate about electric bikes and business. I help people to start, grow, and increase the performance of their businesses. If you want professional advice about specific topics from the electric bike business or done-for-you services, get in touch. 

I created Ebike Future Conference in 2019 to be the best event for ebike businesses worldwide and to push the boundaries of business and technology in the space. Join us online for the 5th edition this October! https://www.ebikefuture.com

I am the co-founder of the world’s first 3D-printed ebike. This ebike was fully customized (geometry and design) for the rider with my Fit-To-Print System. I love new technologies, and I love bringing new ideas to life. And I also love helping ebike startups with bringing their ideas to life.

I have had my ebike shop since 2012. We have tested different showroom types, service centers, shop concepts, and business models. I have sold my shop, and now I help other shop owners make it from zero to full speed faster and better.

I have repaired 10 000 bikes and 4 000 ebikes in my life. I have also trained around 100 mechanics and service centers. Contact me about creating a repair shop or service network or increasing its performance. I think ebike repair is a huge opportunity.

I love riding e-bikes, especially in the mountains. It is my biggest passion. I also love to test new brands, drive systems, and components.

I come from an automotive industry background, and I apply all the best practices from automotive to the ebike industry. I love to keep businesses at high performance.

I am a family man. I have a beautiful wife and two fantastic kids. We enjoy our time together.

I have spent my whole life with bikes. I started at the age of 6. I was racing downhill. And since 2012, I have worked with e-bikes.