Thank you so much for signing up. This course will boost your repair shop with the latest knowledge based on thousands of e-bike repairs. The next Weeks will help you transform or build your e-bike business (if you allow it and play full out). To get the max out of the training, go through it step by step, lesson by lesson. The lessons are designed to be as short as possible to avoid getting overwhelmed. 

You can take the modules at your own pace and even get to them later or repeat them. 
I am looking forward to spending this journey together! Stefan Ceman, course instructor

Course Overview & Modules

I have created Ebike Repair Business Mastery to help you understand, start and grow your electric bike repair shop in the shortest possible time and with the latest knowledge. Check out what´s coming: 

What is e-bike

  • What is Pedelec/Epac
  • E-bike Classes 

E-bikes vs Bikes

  • Regular bicycle is a dinosaur 
  • What are the e-bike benefits 
  • E-bike Categories 

Market trend and Data

If you want to do business with electric bikes, you must understand the market. 

  • Global Trends and Potential 

For your local business, the game is played completely different. Local companies can grow much faster than the global market. 

  • Local Area Trends 

​​Introduction to repair business

The role and problems of e-bike repair business. Extensive need of e-bike repair numbers, and increased need for e-bike repair. 

  • Principles of e-bike repair
  • ​Problems of the actual e-bike repair market
  • Exponential growth of repair need
  • ​Why e-bikes need more repair

​Ebike Customers

Overview about typical e-bike customers and their needs.

  • Who is an e-bike customer
  • ​Difference between bike and ebikecustomer
  • Less Tech-talk

Overview about typical e-bike customers and their needs.

  • ​Higher repair expectations of these customers
  • ​Categories and Types
  • ​Your ideal customer 

Your Competition

The competition of an e-bike repair shop

How to analyze the competition

Ebike Drive Systems

In this Lesson we cover introduction to e-bike drive systems and their repair: 

  • Types of Drive Systems 
  • Drive System Components & Models 
  • Characteristics of Drive Systems
  • ​Different Approaches to Ebike Repair 
  • Which Drive Systems to repair
  • ​Which Drive Systems Not to repair 
  • ​Actual Best Drive Systems for e-bike repair business

Workshop 1 – Your Business

Lesson information: 

  • Statistics about US businesses 
  • Worksheet about your e-bike business

Workshop 2 – Your Competition

Workshop with Worksheet about your competition.