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About Stefan Ceman

Founder of Ebike Steve, Inc. and Ebike Future Conference

  • Ebike Business Coach, Consultant, and Trainer
  • ​​Bike Industry Insider – 30+ Years
  • ​​Founder and Host of the global Ebike Future Conference
  • ​​Electric Bike Business owner since 2012
  • ​Sold e-bikes for Millions, trained businesses to sell even more
  • ​​Creator of Ebike Repair Business Mastery Coaching Program
  • ​Co-Founder of the World’s first 3D-printed e-bike
  • ​​Certified E-bike Expert
  • ​Former Mountain Bike Downhill Racer
  • ​​Former Automotive Industry Manager
  • ​​Proven Experience in large global companies and small local businesses
  • ​​​Global E-bike Future Trend specialist

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