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NEW training program for ebike salesmen:
How to be the king of electric bike sales!

This Premium Online Intensive Ebike Specific Training and Coaching Program will teach you how to sell electric bikes like crazy. This training is based on real-life experience from selling ebikes for millions with proven information, tips, and tricks.

What will you learn: 
  • How to sell electric bikes in high volumes the fastest and proven ways
  • ​Understand market, ebikes, technology, customers
  • ​Have the most effective sales process
  • ​Beat the competition
  • ​Close fast with proven Closes and Strategies
  • ​Sell in person, online, on the phone, on events
  • How to be the best seller in your shop and city!
  • ​And much, much more!
What will you get: 
  • 6x Super Valuable Modules
  • ​12x Ebike Sales Specific Lessons
  • ​1x LIVE Q&A Session
  • ​1x One-on-One Strategy Session
  • ​Bonus: Training Recordings Available for Lifetime Access
  • ​Bonus: 3x Special Training on Selected Topics
Who is this for: 
  • Ebike Salesmen – existing or new
  • ​Ebike Sales Managers
  • ​Ebike Shop Owners who sell or want to manage salespeople


Stefan Ceman
Founder of Ebike Steve, Inc. and Ebike Future Conference
  • Ebike Business Coach, Consultant, and Trainer
  • ​​Bike Industry Insider – 25+ Years
  • ​​Founder and Host of the global Ebike Future Conference
  • ​​Electric Bike Business owner since 2012
  • ​Sold e-bikes for Millions, trained businesses to sell even more
  • ​​Creator of Ebike Repair Business Mastery Coaching Program
  • ​Co-Founder of the World’s first 3D-printed e-bike
  • ​​Certified E-bike Expert
  • ​​Former Automotive Industry Manager
  • ​​Proven Experience in large global companies and small local businesses
  • ​​​Global E-bike Future Trend specialist



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